HAND MADE- Footwear that is made from quality leather products by HAND, in the traditional way. Sewing machines are only used for fine stitching.

MADE TO ORDER/CUSTOM MADE- Specifically made for a specific client. Boot maker forms a "last", which conforms to the measurements of the clients' foot. Designs are collaboration between the artist and the client. When having any custom article of clothing made for you, the finished product may require and adjustment(s) to fit properly. This can be a normal process for some clients, to complete the "custom" fit of their footwear.

BREAKING IN THE BOOTS- Wear the boots at least 3-5 days.

FIT OF BOOTS & WEARING OF BOOTS-The most common questions or statements from clients, after they have received their boots and have tried them on and worn them:

The boot fit is great - wonderful! no adjustment necessary

The boot fit is a "little" tight in toe and arch area- If the discomfort of the fit is slight, wear the boots. You need to break them in by wearing them. Our footwear products are constructed of all leather, including leather inner soles. A steel shank, located in the inner sole of the footwear, provides reinforcement for the arch of the foot. Once the leather has conformed to your feet and the steel shank has "popped" the fit should be comfortable and correct.

The heel area of boot is slipping, feels loose-Heel slippage inside of a cowboy boot is normal and expected. Allow 3-5 days of wearing the product, for the steel shank to break in and for the leather to conform to your foot, and you will feel less slippage. After the boot has been broken in, the heel is supposed to feel a bit loose. This allows for comfort at the heel and ankle, which provides room for the ankle to bend.

The boot fit feels loose/big all over-After wearing the boot (breaking them in) and the fit feels "loose and sloppy", then we need to adjust the fit by tightening them up.

The boot opening is too tight, can not get my foot into boot or

The boot is so tight when I get my foot into them-The boot needs an adjustment where we stretch the tight areas out to get the better fit.

We guarantee our products and will adjust them or replace them when necessary, to get the correct fit for your foot.

Note: Exotic skins such as Alligator, Lizard, Stingray, Shark are tougher skins, are not as pliable as Calf or Ostrich skin, and may take longer to conform to the foot.

RESOLING/RELASTING OF FOOTWEAR- We do offer the service of resoling and relasting our footwear, for a fee. We can and do resole/relast some brands of cowboy boots that are not made by Murga Boot Company. It depends on the brand, age of the boot, condition of the boot, and how it current fits your foot.

At any time you should have further questions regarding our footwear, skins or policies, or cowboy boots in general, please don't hesitate to contact us.


To Clean calf, ostrich, and alligator skin: use clean soft cloth, small amount of leather cleaner or mild saddle soap

To Polish calf, ostrich, and alligator skin: use clean soft cloth, small amount of "neutral" color shoe polish. At this time we recommend KIWI products.

For STINGRAY, LIZARD, SNAKE SKIN - DO NOT POLISH, use a small amount of mild soap & water