Murga Boot Co. was est. in 1987 by Tony Murga. Growing up in El Paso, TX , Tony played high school football and performed in  local bands. As a teenager he also learned the historic trade of bootmaking and design, taught to him by local artisians and owners of boot manufacturing. This was destined to be his future career, but it was his desire to make music that ultimately led him to where he is today.

At the age of 21 Tony decided to follow his passion for music and moved to southern California to pursue his career in the music industry. To support his musical career he used his bootmaking skill to design cowboy boots for fellow musicians and friends. Those who know Tony, know he is an incredibly talented musician and that he has enjoyed success with his music. At the same time he seized the opportunity to expand on his bootmaking talent and create a thriving business known as Murga Boot Co.

The success of Murga Boot Co. has not only been talent, hardwork and perseverance, but the generous support of family, friends, and devoted cowboy boot loving clients.

In 1992, inspired by the motorcycle industry, Tony was the first bootmaker to design the leather "Flame Inlay Boot". This subsequently led to designing custom bike seats using exotic skins and inlayed leathers to match the artwork and paint on client's bikes.

Another inspiration from the motorcycle industry and gift to his clients, is the use of Vibram soles on the boots. This contribution to the motorcycle enthusiast makes him the first bootmaker ever to combine traditional cowboy boots with functional motorcycle wear.

By combining artistic abilities through bootmaking and music, with his lifestyle, Murga Boot Co. thrives due to the integration of this historic trade and a dream.